Saturday, July 19, 2014

If you want to be a Badger...

...just come along with me!

We took the boys on their first trip to Madison this weekend and had a great time. The zoo, campus touring, mama's old haunts visiting...we did it all! We stayed at the Double Tree on East Johnson St. and loved the proximity to everything, especially convenient parking as the city was packed this weekend!

We were down the block from my dorm, Witte Hall!

Some performance art at the Chazen...

We made it to the top of Bascom Hill...

and a select few rolled their way down...

Babcock ice cream and giant sunburst chairs at The Terrace!

State Street with throngs of people downtown for - 

Maxwell Street Days! 

Looking up at the capitol building after perusing the farmer's market.

The Veteran's Museum and Ella's Deli rounded out our trip, and we're home with half the weekend still before us! We packed a lot in to a day and a half, but we didn't feel rushed and were able to really have fun and relax as a family. Swimming in the hotel pool topped the boys' favorites list, and seeing Madison through the eyes of my kids and snuggling in bed with Max topped mine! The grooming of these future Badgers has begun! ;)

Henry Vilas Zoo

Saturday, May 31, 2014

First Farmer's Market of the Year!

We met Ron and Meg downtown for the first Farmer's Market of the year this morning. There weren't a lot of vegetables or fruits ready for harvesting yet, but we did pick up some really good tomatoes, a cucumber and some baby spinach. Liam was very excited about a booth with air plants and cacti. He lit up when he saw pots of tiny Venus Flytraps, and asked if he could get one and pay me the $7 back. Of course I agreed, and he happily toted his new plant home in a small bag along with instructions on caring for "carnivorous plants." 

I made two loaves of Italian bread from scratch when we got home to go along with the salad. The house smells wonderful! 
One thing we had not been looking for at the market, or indeed anywhere or at any time was a deer skull. 

A lady selling farm raised meat had this skull at her booth and the boys were very intrigued by it. They were discussing its finer qualities when the lady asked if they wanted to keep it. Of course they said they did, so we carried this deer skull around the market alongside our vegetables and Venus Flytrap. Life is always interesting with these two! 

As she handed over the deer skull, the lady said, "Take good care of Joe!" And I'm sure they will!

Saturday, May 24, 2014