Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Three of a Kind"

Liam's spring musical "Three of a Kind" was today! He stood next to his buddy Justin and friend Brianna and did very well!

He spotted us right away!

There were costumes related to threes (three blind mice, three little pigs, three bears) and the second graders had most of the speaking parts.

Our neighbor Kaylee sang with the kindergarten class.

She is a sweet girl and the boys love playing with her!

Liam was VERY into projecting his singing voice!

Liam had his hand on his hip for most of the show!

Liam's artwork was on display in the hallway!

Max and his good buddy Owen!

Liam and his very best girl friend, and Owen's sister, Ari!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014

Max plays with Legos for hours every day. He has recently started making really elaborate scenes that are incredibly detailed and well thought out. He positioned these three guys with one leg out behind them to simulate running! He tells the story of what he's made really well and each character has a very specific purpose. I love how his mind works!

Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY Chicken Oasis

This is our awesome chicken coop that Aaron and I built together last summer. We designed it ourselves based off of another coop I saw online, and we built it piece by piece on my days off. I'll let him blog about that whole process and will just focus on one component I built just today.

It's a gravity chicken feeder made entirely from PVC pipe!
Parts list: 3" PVC pipe, wye connector, end cap, female adaptor, threaded drain plug and pipe hanger mount.
Total cost: $19

First, I cut a 6" section of pipe off the large section with the chop saw. I then connected the 6" pipe to the bottom of the wye connector and placed the end cap on the bottom. The large section of pipe fits into the top of the wye connector. The elbow of the connector is the actual feed trough.

I filled the entire pipe with feed, and as the chickens eat it the reserve feed empties out into the trough.

They got the hang of it right away, and even lined up to take turns at the trough! Here, Marla is eating while Dottie and Kit look on.

Marla is a Buff Orpington and is in charge and quite bossy! She is also pretty friendly and good with the boys.

Kit, a Golden Laced Wyandotte, is definitely lowest in the pecking order of all three, and she waits until everyone has eaten to take her share.

Two chickens can eat at the same time, but it gets a little crowded.

This is the female adaptor and the threaded plug connected to the top of the pipe for a convenient closing mechanism. The threaded plug screws in and out to make adding more feed easy, and keeps out snow and rain.

"This is our daughter Dottie."

"This is our other daughter...Dottie's sister!" (Kit)

This gravity feeder keeps food available at all times and prevents the chickens from throwing it all over and letting it go to waste. Before I made the feeder, these ladies would dump over their food trough and then stand on top of it, bawking loudly and refusing to eat what was spilled. Sorry girls...those days are over!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Frozen Cave Point

We took a road trip to Door County today! After breakfast at Mel's Place in Sturgeon Bay, we headed north to Cave Point County Park! The beach was literally piled with ice flows so high that we estimated we were standing about 8 feet above where the beach was last year! The boys loved it, and ran around climbing on ice and rocks for quite awhile! This is my favorite place to go in the winter, and I'm so glad that the boys enjoy it, too.
Liam lost his other front tooth when we got back to the car!

Ducks float on an icy lake!

Waves crash into this cove in the summer and carve out "caves"...that are filled with ice and snow for now.

I've never seen the ice formations so dynamic and detailed here.
There are usually some amazing sculptures, but this winter seemed to create a new form everywhere we looked!

Max would run to the top of an "ice mountain" and yell, "Mom! You have to SEE this!"

He was quite fearless with all of his climbing around! While I tried to keep up with him, Liam roamed around with Aaron, out of camera range!

Instead of flat sheets of ice, there were huge piles of perfectly clear ice shards. They were so beautiful, especially when the sun caught just right.

We visited our favorite bookstore, "Novel Ideas", in Baileys Harbor and stopped at "Made in Britain" on our way back south. Our last stop was the Door County Confectionery, where the boys each filled a bag with pick-a-mix candy before we headed home. We had such a great time together! Can't wait to do it again, soon!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday, January 17, 2014